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Why Capital Limos

Everything we do at Capital Limos has to fulfill our own standards of;

Customer Service
Pride in what we do

We have been in business for ? years and have driven millions of miles helping our customers arrive in style and comfort and have the peace of mind that they have booked a company that is 100% reliable.

From our vehicles, to our drivers and customer service staff, we deliver excellence in all we do.

Before booking a chauffeur driven executive car, take a look at our guidelines below:


A professional limousine organization will pride themselves on their customer care, and will go 'the extra mile' to ensure that all your requirements, however small, are met.
Never be afraid to ask detailed questions before deciding on a limousine company.
A professional, reputable company will be only too pleased to discuss every aspect of the hire.
Always get everything in writing, both the quotation and the itinerary. Make sure that any changes you make to the hire details at a later date are confirmed IN WRITING by the limousine company.
Always compare quotes on a 'like for like' basis, e.g. same make/model/year of limousine.

Online Enquiry Forms

How long does it take the company to respond?
Is the reply professional?
Does the quote take all your requirements into account?
Does the reply clearly state the total price and full details of the booking?

Telephone Enquiries

Is your call answered promptly and professionally with the company name?
Are the staff friendly and helpful?
Do they readily answer all your questions?
Will they send written confirmation clearly stating the price agreed and full details of the booking?


Many limousine companies have websites which show images of vehicles. Are the pictures of their own vehicles? Is there is a picture on the website of the particular vehicle that you will be hiring? Is there a landline number? Is there a contact name? Is there an address?


All limousine operators are not equal, and all limousines are different. An established, professional limousine operator with modern, regularly maintained limousines may well charge £10 or £15 more per hour for five star services. Like everything else, you will get what you pay for on an average hire of 3 hours, an extra £45 is a small price to pay for professionalism, safety and reliability. Cheap hire usually results in a cheap service. It takes around 2.5 hours to prepare a limousine prior to hire.


How many vehicles do you have?
Where are you based?
Can I view the limousines?
Is there a minimum charge or hire duration?
What does the price include? (VAT, drinks, balloons etc.)
What would happen if the limousine broke down?
Are you insured for Private Hire? Can I view your insurance?
Are you licensed? Can I view your license?
Are your drivers CRB checked?
Do you send written confirmation of the booking, including price and itinerary?
What payment methods do you accept? How much is the deposit, and when is the balance due?
What graphics/livery is on the vehicle? Is it discreet?



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